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Not yet Halloween and a spook visits the White House

October 9, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Not Halloween yet and already a spook visits the White House and Pelosi is excited and praying for Trump. Wow, this is really an exciting time we live in. Here we have the Democrats working through recess to make this Halloween Trump's last as president. They claim that Trump is digging up dirt on Biden and his son by asking the president of Ukraine to see if there was any corruption done by these two.

Well, just what were Durbin, Menendez and Leahy doing when they wrote a letter to Ukraine officials and asking them for dirt on Trump. Did they really say that Democrats would support Ukraine in the letter? Is it legal for all these U.S. officials to ask Ukraine questions about corruption in the U.S. and Ukraine?

Yes, it is in an early treaty with Ukraine, there are statements that both sides would work together to on corruption. It would appear that you can't do a quid pro quo if there is already an agreement to work together on these issues.

Maybe after Halloween the spook will show himself as the fool he is.

Leo Amos




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