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Ignorance must be bliss

September 25, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Ever since President Trump defeated Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, writer after liberal writer continues to bemoan the presidential election results and the "unfair" existence of the electoral college reciting their mass media talking points about a "Democracy" and counting each vote.

Maybe they've never pledged allegiance to our flag for if they had they'd know our country is a republic and not a Democracy. "and to the Republic for which it stands," a line from the pledge, is a consummate reminder for those who need it.

Wikipedia defines one of the differences between the two as, "A republic is a form of government in which the country is considered a 'public matter,' not the private concern or property of the rulers."

Another major difference lies in the constitution. A pure democracy has no defined constitution, and the laws are formulated by the elected representative(s). In a republic, the constitution has the final say in each and everything. There are laws specific to the rights of the citizens and any change to the constitution is verified so as to not adversely affect the minorities. The constitution, in a manner, protects the rights of all people from the will of the majority.

The "rulers" referred to are those elected officials placed temporarily in power through our elections. They may not act unilaterally but must abide by rules and our Constitution or they may be replaced after or during their term of representation.

Our country is not the "property of the rulers" because it is a republic and, while the differences between a pure democracy and a republic are subtle and few, those that refuse to accept or acknowledge them continue on their merry, "blissful" way, complaining about the application of a non-existent form of government in our country, apparently, with nary a clue.

Max Christian

St. James City



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