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Trump’s secret to political success

August 21, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

While the division we're witnessing today between our political parties along with the rabid rhetoric from supporters on both sides is clearly separated between right and left, it was not President Trump that began the divide.

Donald Trump observed the frustration by Americans living through the Obama presidency. Most, if not all, of our citizens supporting our president today saw themselves as completely disaffected under Obama's administration.

They were rendered impotent and irrelevant for eight long years as a poorly qualified unbending egotist governed the country while holding half the voting population in contempt with no regard whatsoever for their rights or their wishes.

They were targeted by the IRS, their taxes went up, Obama Care's one-sided benefit forced them from their doctors and their plans. Welfare benefits increased, tsunami-like regulations strangled the small business community, anyone that disagreed with Obama's policies was labeled as racist and no one was listening to their well justified complaints of a president that segregated and isolated them favoring a single socialistic, Globalist agenda.

Yes, President Trump did tap into the intentional void created by the previous administration that only represented liberals and socialists but the only reason it seems so contentious now is simply that a voice has finally been given to the other side of Socialism; there is finally a visible and vocal counterargument standing up to the Globalist's elite, their lawless hypocrisy and their attempted takeover of America.

Max Christian

St. James City



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