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Removing rose-colored glasses

August 21, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

It's difficult removing rose-colored glasses to clean the stain of reality. Fortunately, our mistakes seldom cause lives or financial ruin. Political error does, and both sides of the political aisle can take credit.

Bipartisan politics came to a standstill in 2008, however, we're no longer solely discussing tax cuts. American lives are at stake, and the cold-hearted silence of elected officials is validating the carnage.

Many continue to ignore this for the sake of our economy. Economies can shift from losing to profitable ventures, in spite of reckless actions. Human life's extinction is eternal. What good is money if we're afraid to shop at Walmart?

Some will always be convinced certain lives are disposable and don't matter. Unquestionably, the Executive Branch's endorsement and tolerance of dehumanizing people doesn't help. My humble contribution to these trying times is to offer a factual narrative whenever possible.

For example, Mexicans are Native Americans. Long before the Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe, Hidalgo divided the land among neighbors, Mexicans were indigenous to the west coast and southwest region of America, and our roots run deep because they've been planted here for centuries.

No doubt some will question this fact. Perhaps it's time to hold our education system accountable. One thing is certain, even for a capitalist like me, the economy must never replace the life of a loved one.

Marta Elva Gibbons




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