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Hearing something and believing it

August 14, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I don't like to write letters to the public, but I feel I have to mention some things that really are bothering me.

I just read a Letter to the Editor in the Eagle by some guy that tried to sound intelligent by using a lot of big words. It was obvious he disliked President Trump. I wonder if he talked to President Trump and received all the facts he claimed came from him.

It seems to me that some of the people hear something on the news and believe it. Nancy Pelosi said to ruin a person, just make up a lie about him. The news media will publish it and a lot of ignorant people will believe it.

If President Trump never did another good thing while in office, at least he has said God bless you. He believes in God and professes it openly. Some of our socialist citizens want to remove God from America. I can't understand why. If you don't believe in him that's your right, but don't try to stop the ones who do.

I had an atheist neighbor once that was in a private airplane with her husband traveling over Michigan. The plane's engine stopped and the plane was going down over a large forest. She saw a cornfield just beyond the trees. She knew they would be killed if they hit the trees. They were hoping they would luck out and glide to the cornfield.

She told me this story, so I asked her if she prayed and asked God to save her while the plane was falling. She wouldn't answer me but I knew by her actions and her smile that she did pray for help. They made it to the cornfield and landed safely but damaged their plane quite a bit. They have never flown again.

Back to President Trump. I noticed that there is new building construction almost everywhere you look. Unemployment is supposed to be at the lowest it's been for many years. I don't understand why some people think he isn't doing a great job.

He is trying to stop illegal immigration. These people are breaking the law by sneaking into our country. They are criminals and even the last Democratic president said we must stop illegal immigration.

I have never heard President Trump say any of the things he is accused of. He has said some pretty ignorant things, but never have I heard him say anything against our country. He is also good to our military and our veterans.

I wonder how long America will last with so many hateful, stupid people out there?

Harry Hastings

St. James City



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