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Obama comments: 11 years too late

August 14, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Obama boarded the liberal band wagon last week for yet another mass media bashing of our president by appointing him the victim for the Democratic Party's blame game. The talking heads have pinned the blame for the latest mass shootings on our president and Obama stated in one of his latest appearances, "we're not helpless here" seemingly indicating that something could be done.


You weren't helpless when Democrats controlled the House and the Senate for two years after your election in 2008 until 2010, or were you?

Neither Obama nor any of the other Democratic demagogues brought one bill to the house to limit or restrict gun sales or gun types. The reason is simple. They could have passed any legislation they wanted, as was painfully demonstrated by Obama Care, but they believed they'd lose power if they actually put their offices where their mouths were; ceaselessly boasting of always favoring severe gun control policies. They knew that many Democratically led states were, and still are, pro-Second Amendment states whose constituents don't want the government interfering with their constitutional right to bear arms. No, the Dems waited until they lost their unchecked power in the House in 2010, knew it was "safe" to bring back new, sweeping gun control measures and then blamed Republicans for their failures. Now, they have another convenient foil, the Republican Senate, to blame for their next one.

It's beyond hypocritically disingenuous to indict Republicans for refusing to do the same thing that Democrats could have absolutely accomplished under the previous administration but elected to ignore. They closed their eyes to "gun violence" in favor of the recent political capital garnered by Obama's presidential victory in 2008. They did everything they could to preserve that capital by never even addressing the very issues they are now shouting at the top of their lungs to their mass media co-conspirators. But hey, "Rules for Radicals" dictates their every step, and this is just another example of the deviously sinister and insidiously focused mindset of the radical Democratic majority in the House and the way they execute their blame game.

Max Christian

St. James City



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