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Another way to keep schools safe

July 31, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Schools have started the one way in and multiple ways out strategy, but we need more.

Another line of defense is to check bags of students or require clear backpacks .

Have you ever been to a sporting event? (football, NASCAR, or even Busch Gardens and Disney World.) They check every bag going in.

When students get off the bus, have them form multiple lines. Staffed with teachers, janitors or volunteers.

They will have little sticks or rulers to look through the bags. (Clear bags would help.)

With many lines, it shouldn't take too long. A small price to pay for safety.

Schools may have to extend time or cut off a couple minutes of each class.

Again, a small price for safety. Plus this wouldn't cost much to do.

Or schools can use a metal detecting wand. This, too, wouldn't take much time and would be easy to do.

Bigger schools are already doing it. We need to get with it for the safety of or kids!

Dave Martin

St. James City



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