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Anti-American cowards

April 3, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The Green New Deal went down to defeat in the Senate as Democrats that supported it in the mainstream media didn't even show up to vote on it. The veto override for the clear and present emergency at our southern border with Mexico also failed. We've been listening to the blowhard talking heads in the media supported by their frequent letter writers in local news publications for two years now blaming "Russian Collusion" for Hilary's loss in 2016 and that too, has been one big lie.

It's clear that Obama knew that an indictment of Hilary Clinton would leave a feckless Bernie Sanders as the last "man" standing to run against the Republican presidential candidate and he could not take that chance so, Hilary was mysteriously exonerated, and Sanders was quashed by his own traitorous political party.

No one parroting the daily propaganda peddled by the mainstream media that is contributing to this publication will ever admit the error of their ways nor will they alter their course from attacking the accomplishments of this presidency regardless of any information contrary to their "feelings."

It's clear that the entire "Russian Collusion" attack was nothing more than a conspiracy initiated by the Clinton campaign and handed off to the corrupted officials under President Obama in order to ensure that if Trump did win the presidency, he'd be under constant assault and suspicion put in place by the outgoing administration. It is also painfully clear that no new ideas will be put forth by Dems and that they, and their party faithful, will simply hate their way into the next election cycle.

Max Christian

St. James City



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