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A legacy

October 24, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The preponderance of ignorant comments and arrogant statements coming from the White House are becoming very discouraging and potentially destructive.

I'm an independent voter and acknowledge the agendas of both parties. I support border security, but find the child/parent separation problems untenable. I'd like to see affordable healthcare programs for all citizens and greater availability of reasonably priced prescription medications. I'm glad the economy is strong and hope the overturned regulations and executive orders supporting environmental safeguards won't result in future climate dangers.

I believe the functions normally assigned to the Legislature are within the capabilities of a bi-partisan Legislative branch once it returns to a truly deliberative branch. This president and recent predecessors have actually been able to hamstring the Legislative Branch of government, and now move to further politicize the Judicial Branch. The scary part is that either party would probably do the same.

In the meantime, our country is dealing with the nonsensical, irreverent and embarrassing actions that have changed the norms of civil discourse, possibly forever. Maybe this persona is a necessary "slap in nation's face" to awaken it to pending dangers that could follow such displays of social ignorance, insults, lack of empathy, unchallenged lying and egotistical grandeur. History certainly provides examples of where this style of leadership leads.

Few citizens can view the "real" context of the national and international events affecting our collective lives. So, with alleged "fake news," a president spouting proven falsehoods, and the administration's biased spin, it is increasingly difficult to determine a clear distinction between what's really true and what's really false; I get the impression that's all part of a plan.

I certainly hope this is not the legacy given to our future generations who must try to steer this nation back in the direction envisioned by the forefathers. If that is the legacy, I'm glad to be on the other side of the mountain and heading home. My prayers are with the children and their offspring. They need to absolutely understand where they are headed.

Ron Lueth




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