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Water conditions and their affects on us, visitors, business

August 15, 2018 To the editors: Watching our latest water conditions and its affect on full time/seasonal residents, visitors, businesses and our marine life, it’s apparent we’ve reached a point where now, more tha... more »»

Guest Comment: Demand action on the water crisis

August 8, 2018 The waters of Southwest Florida and our Gulf coast are in crisis from harmful blooms causing an unprecedented mass mortality of aquatic life not seen before at these levels in our are. more »»

Protecting island children at the school crossing, and better use of resources

August 8, 2018 To the editor: School is starting soon! Assuming that the 20 mph flashing light school crossing just north of the center on Stringfellow is to protect our children from getting hit while crossing th... more »»

There is truth and accuracy in the press and media

August 8, 2018 To the editor: Lugenpresse — the concept of “lying press” — has been around a long time. It is a pejorative political term and has been in use since at least Emperor Nero and his “hostis publicus. more »»

Stop using Lake O as an irrigation pond

August 8, 2018 To the editor: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the eco disasters in Southwest Florida. First it was the massive red tide that killed all types of marine life. more »»

Action needed now

August 8, 2018 To the editor: The algal blooms have ravished Lake Okeechobee, the St. Lucie River and our Caloosahatchee River. This has been going on for about 44 years with some saying 50 years. more »»

A lesson in common sense

August 1, 2018 To the editor: If you have a rattlesnake on the property, you get rid of it. If you have a mad dog on your property, you get rid of it. If your car is defective, you have it fixe. more »»

Lake O releases and reservoir

August 1, 2018 To the editor: I was dismayed to see Sen. Bill Nelson’s picture on the front page of your paper next to the headline about “Lake O.”  What’s he done about it? I moved to Florida in 1987. more »»

Don’t we count?

August 1, 2018 To the editor: We live in a world today filled with dangerous infections, viruses, chemicals, and poisonous compounds. We have to be careful of everything we eat and come in contact with. more »»

Guest Comment: ‘Get the water right’ at the ballot box

July 25, 2018 The harmful blue green algae bloom that has plagued Lee County waters is directly attributable to irresponsible government oversight on the timing and volume of water released from Lake Okeechobee... more »»

Thank you for supporting the 4th of July activities

July 25, 2018 To the editor: Again, American Legion Post 136 sponsored the 2018 4th of July festivities starting with the parade and ending with the fireworks. more »»

Open letter to Sen. Rubio regarding Lake Okeechobee

July 25, 2018 To the editor: Thank you for your detailed response and your awareness of the history of the issue. more »»

Mitigate algae at its source

July 25, 2018 To the editor: Area newspapers, TV stations, radio broadcasts and more to date are providing excellent coverage of the algae/green slime situation in our local waterways. more »»

What are our fundamental values?

July 18, 2018 To the editor: We must stop making excuses for our government leaders twisting the fundamental values of our nation by clearly standing up and rejecting the expressions of hatred, bigotry and the... more »»

Mourning the passing of Karl Wickstrom

July 18, 2018 To the editor: We should all mourn the recent passing of marine conservationist Karl Wickstrom, founder of Florida Sportsman magazine and inspirational leader in the effort to restore our rivers,... more »»

Where has common courtesy gone?

July 18, 2018 To the editor: On Saturday morning I went for my usual “morning walk.” The neighborhood is rather isolated and usually the only vehicles one might encounter are those of the residents. more »»

'The Green River'

July 11, 2018 To the editor: We have returned from a month sailing in the Bahamas. The waters were gorgeous there. more »»

The youth of today

July 11, 2018 To the editor: On July 3rd I was shopping at the Dollar General Store on Pine Island when two young men brought their Monster drinks to the cashier. Feeling flush, I paid for them. They thanked me. more »»

Change needed

July 11, 2018 To the editor: In several months we will have the opportunity to become involved in one of the most important rights that have been bestowed on citizens, the right to vote. more »»

A second chance for Lucy

July 4, 2018 To the editor Pine Island is well known for its beauty and charm, as well as for its neighborly residents and a strong sense of community. This past Father’s Day, on a visit to my dad’s St. more »»



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